IMEKO Technical Committees

The activity of IMEKO is basically carried out through the Technical Committees which

  • organize symposia, conferences, workshops, seminars on specific topics at regular intervals;
  • publish proceedings of events, text-books, glossaries, studies, etc.

to realize the objectives set out in the Constitution and By-Laws.

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TC1 Education and Training in Measurement and Instrumentation (established in 1967)
TC2 Photonics (established in 1962)
TC3 Measurement of Force, Mass, Torque, and Gravity (1967-1998: Measurement of Force and Mass, 1998-2022: Measurement of Force, Mass and Torque)
TC4 Measurement of Electrical Quantities (established in 1984)
TC5 Hardness Measurement (established in 1973)
TC6 Digitalization (until 2020: Vocabulary Committee)
TC7 Measurement Science (1975-1993: Measurement Theory)
TC8 Traceability in Metrology (established in 1972)
TC9 Flow Measurement (established in 1976)
TC10 Measurement for Diagnostics, Optimization and Control (1976-2019: Technical Diagnostics, 2019-2021: Testing, Diagnostics and Inspection)
TC11 Measurement in Testing, Inspection and Certification (1976-1994: Metrological Requirements for Developing Countries, 1994-2020: Metrological Infrastructures)
TC12 Temperature and Thermal Measurements (established in 1979)
TC13 Measurements in Biology and Medicine (established in 1980)
TC14 Measurement of Geometrical Quantities (established in 1980)
TC15 Experimental Mechanics (established in 1984)
TC16 Pressure and Vacuum Measurement (established in 1986)
TC17 Measurement in Robotics (established in 1987)
TC18 Measurement of Human Functions (established in 1998)
TC19 Environmental Measurements (established in 1999)
TC20 Measurements of Energy and Related Quantities (1999-2010: Measurement Techniques for the Construction Industry, 2010-2015: Energy Measurement)
TC21 Mathematical Tools for Measurements (established in 2004)
TC22 Vibration Measurement (established in 2005)
TC23 Metrology in Food and Nutrition (established in 2006)
TC24 Chemical Measurements (established in 2008),
TC25 Quantum Measurement and Quantum Information (established in 2021)