TC12 - Temperature and Thermal Measurements

The Technical Committee 12 of IMEKO (IMEKO TC12) was established in 1979.

TC12 is a community made of thermal metrologists, researchers and operators involved in the wide range of temperature and thermal measurements. 

Recent News

The "SI revolution", including the new definition of the unit of temperature, the kelvin, has deeply involved the thermal community and will continue to motivate research and studies in the coming years.

Progress in metrology has prepared the adoption of a new definition of the kelvin. Accompanying the new definition, there will be increased recognition of the two complementary methods to realize temperature. The traditional route using the defined International Temperature Scales and the alternative route based on direct measurements of thermodynamic temperatures employing primary thermometers. The dissemination of the SI unit of temperature is supervised through the Mise en Pratique of the definition of the kelvin (MeP-K), including both routes.

During the TEMPMEKO 2016, perfectly organized in Zakopane -Poland , numerous contribution were presented on primary metrology as well as on practical thermal measurements, including industrial applications, health and environment. The general concern on climate change and the "COP21" 2 °C goal is now motivating joint research projects and a growing interaction with the meteorological and climate researchers and operators.

It is expected that the TEMPMEKO 2019, this time in China, will bring fundamental updates on the adoption of the newly defined kelvin and on these key applications.